Why counselling?

Sometimes, life can be very overwhelming and can leave you with difficult feelings and issues that perhaps you can’t see how to resolve. At these times counselling can be a way of helping you through.

I offer a confidential space and will work alongside you to help you identify what is really going on and why and help you find some resolution, which can allow you to move forward in your life. The Style of counselling that I offer is Psychodynamic and that means we will be looking at what is going on in the unconscious, which is where a lot of the fears and motivations behind our behaviours lie. If we can understand why we think, feel and behave in the way we do, we can often make changes. Psychodynamic work also looks at the root of problems, so we will also be focusing on where issues have originated from – are there links to the past in the way you experienced growing up or are there patterns of behaviour that have been set from childhood that are affecting how you behave or think and feel as an adult? The other focus of Psychodynamic work is the relationship between the therapist and client and this is used as a way of working through conflict and difficulties.

Often if issues are dealt with at the source, freedom occurs in the present and can enable you to move on in the future